We know your time is valuable and want to make sure every minute you spend with us is well-spent. Here at Woodcrest, each step of the design process will be handled in house – from discussing your design goals to seeing the finished product, a member of our team will be by your side. We’re also dedicated to making this your one-stop shop, providing plumbing, electric, and installation as your project requires.

When you’re ready to get started, one of our designers will schedule an appointment to meet with you at our showroom. There, we’ll discuss the goals of your living space and determine the budget and timelines for the project.

We understand the importance of each detail, so we’re happy to help you determine the finishes, layout, and functionality that best suit your home. Our designers will provide you with renderings of your project, manage the installation process, and be with you at each step to ensure the finished product is exactly what you were looking for when you chose Woodcrest.

Design Studio

Our Old Town Scottsdale studio is the perfect place to get to know us better. Come in at your convenience, then we’re able to provide you with our extensive design history and help you envision your new space. By visiting our studio you can look at cabinets, countertops, and other sample materials to begin thinking about both your functional needs and visual wants. This is also your first opportunity to meet our team of knowledgeable designers, ready to answer any questions you might have.

Design Consultation

After an initial meeting at our studio, we’ll then look to set up a time to meet for our first full design consultation. During this more in-depth meeting, we’ll discuss your goals – like the functional needs of your new space and the design elements you hope to achieve – learn more about what stage your project is in, provide you with additional details needed, and establish a rough budget for consideration. Designing and remodeling a new space can often be full of surprises, so our hope is that this consultation helps you better understand the full process moving forward.

Engineered Drawings

At Woodcrest, we’re able to provide our customers with custom designs, diagrams, measurements, and planning for any area of your home. We can guarantee field measures, provide space planning for your furniture and appliances, and also create floor plans and room elevations for your project through AutoCAD and 3D renderings. Our methods are meticulous and have been developed to combine creative ideas with functional results, offered to you through a patient and caring staff.

Material Selection

With design being such an important aspect in the process of creating your new space, Woodcrest is proud to be considered a trusted partner among our clients in materials selection. Included in our service offerings, we provide custom solutions and help you select the perfect materials to complement the style you want, with the function you need. No matter the space, we’re able to lend our expertise with helping you select wood species and finishes, door styles, decorative hardware, countertops, appliances, and more!


Once you’ve selected your cabinetry, flooring, and any other materials needed, we coordinate delivery and installation for your project. With Woodcrest, you can be assured that your materials are delivered on time and in perfect condition. Upon delivery, our teams of highly skilled and professional craftsmen work to ensure that every design detail is flawlessly executed. The best designs are only as good as the people that bring the work to life, and we’re very proud of all the talented individuals who turn our ideas into reality. Installation times can vary, depending on the scope and complexity of a project. However, our commitment to your satisfaction from start to finish is found in every space we work.